ZOE Magazine I

Zoe Karssen is a women’s fashion brand based in Amsterdam, founded in 2010. In 2015 the brand opened its first brick-and-mortar boutique, in Amsterdam’s ‘Nine Streets’ district. And in 2016, the brand launched its first-ever printed magazine, aptly named ZOE. The name of the magazine is also its design-concept, in the sense that it is organized around the principal of ‘three’, literally, as the magazine’s name is composed of three letters. Therefore, three types of paper are used, ranging from matte to glossy; three columns compose the underlying organizational grid of each page; and three sizes of the typeface Radiant are used throughout the magazine. As a print extension of the fashion brand, the magazine compliments the brand’s boutique.

Client: Zoe Karssens, Photography: o.a. Yaniv Edry, Paul Bellaart and Brian de Graft, Year: 2017, Format: 240 × 330 mm, Pages: 124, Edition: 10.000 copies, Printer: Tuijtel