The Transcontinental Express

The Transcontinental Express was a one-day international arts event that took place on an abandoned train platform in the heart of Amsterdam–Oost. It explored the relationship that modern day man has developed to time, combined with the current possibilities for digital trans-time-zone connections. With global contributions, the platform became a stage from which to experience a world of passing images, overhear compilations and snippets of conversation, and cartographic choreographs. The concept for the identity found inspiration in symbols connected to railway sign language, international flag patterns and the notions of time travels. A choice for primary colors and classic printing techniques, such as risograph, evoked a nostalgic tone. Alongside paper folders and booklets, twelve oversized flags–representing different time zones–were silk-screened, to demarcate the exhibition space and to enhance the illusion of an outside theatrical space.

Client: Museum Perron Oost, Curators: Lotte van Gelder and Claire Butcher, Year: 2013, Format: 1200 x 1200 mm, Risographed and screenprinted