Strange Sounds From Beyond

Strange Sounds From Beyond is an Amsterdam-based festival and platform for cross-spectrum music, with a focus on phenomenal acts, emerging artists, and homegrown talent. The identity’s design consists of social media, a poster campaign, website, as well as stage design. Inspired what exists ‘beyond’ the identity’s concept, it is based upon Suprematism, the Russian art movement emphasizing, ’the supremacy of pure artistic feeling.’ Shapes are excerpted from Malevich works; type is in ‘dialogue’ with the shapes, connected via the diagonal lines that creates a sense of gradient-movement. A custom typeface from GT America–combining American Gothic and European Grotesque faces-was used to create the triangular shapes as a typographic tool, thus achieving a ponderous feeling that translates SSFB, into a 2D-layer.

Client: SSFB, Website development: RGB studio, Year: 2019, Format: Various sizes, digital and screen print