Stills, Wiel Arets Exhibition

Stills was an exhibition on the dutch architect Wiel Arets. Covering a period of twenty-eight years, it highlighted the development of firm's oeuvre by showcasing a timeline of over 100 meters in length that consisted of oversized panels of projects and product designs, punctuated with panels that denoted each year's awards, publications, and/or unbuilt works. The book collects in chronological order texts written by him, about him, and interviews with him; his own texts are set in a single column, with the remaining pages set in two. The book's typography reflects the chronology of its content; dates form chapters, and within each year a series of texts and images of built projects combine, forming a timeline. Each chapter's title has been graphically deconstructed on spreads of silver, with each year becoming whole as the chapters, or years, progress, with 2010 completing this de- and re-construction. Images unfold along this horizontal timeline of words, silently streaming through text. Because the entire book is printed in black and silver-grey, pictures slip into their appropriate, supportive role. an open spine and triple-thickness covers provides the book with its required stiffness.

Client: Wiel Arets Architects, Photography: Jan Bitter, Year: 2011, Printing: EPS Amsterdam, Production: Schunck