Something Happening Somewhere

These album covers and compact disks were designed so as to bring physicality to the seventh, eighth, and ninth editions of the Dutch DJ and producer Nuno Dos Santos’ record label, titled ‘Something Happening Somewhere’. Guilt, melancholy, affection, rejection, and cohesiveness are all expressed through numerous rigidly aligned stripes, which intersect through their overlap; they continue only to again collide. Navy blue, coquelicot, light gray, and cyan-tinted teal stripes criss-cross above a white background on the eight album’s cover, with only navy blue and white on the seventh’s back; while the navy blue and gray combine with yellow on the ninth. This series of album covers–whose backsides are solutions to the ‘labyrinths’ on their front covers–and compact disks, are open to numerous personal interpretations; labyrinths have only one solution.

Client: SoHaSo, Year: 2015, Format: 310 × 310 mm and 140 x 125 mm, Printed in France