Play the City

The book is the doctoral dissertation of Ekim Tan, which explores the issue of gaming, as it concerns urban planning and city making, throughout the world. It dissects the discourse around modern urbanization efforts undertaken by cities, to make themselves more enjoyable, inhabitable places to be, through gaming. The book’s main thesis is that when citizens actively participate in their cities’ efforts to improve themselves, collaboration is the result, and that that process can be leveraged through game theory. The publication’s form references city blocks; three colored edges on the cover return in the interior, to inform navigation for the reader. Each chapter begins with a table of contents, which delves deeper into its main issues, and expands upon the book’s opening table of contents. All text is set in the typeface Basis Grotesque, released in 2015 by the Colophon Foundry. Part manifesto and part manual for the future of participatory urban living; the book thus bridges virtual, municipal, and individual forces, and encourages their collaboration in urbanization.

Client: Play the City, Text: Ekim Tan, Photography: Benjamin van Witsen, Year: 2017, Format: 170 × 230 mm, Pages: 392, Publisher: Jap Sam, Printer: Graphius