Nowness IIT Architecture Chicago

This publication reflects a refocused structuring and future trajectory of the Illinois Institute of Technology's college of architecture, distancing itself from the haunting legacy of its former director, Mies van der Rohe. It includes essays, articles, and images by Michael Wolf and Phyllis Lambert, among others. 60% of the college's students originate from outside the USA, and this diverse background informed the publication's four covers, with the title of each set in one of four of the world's leading languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. These covers have been folded over and into one another, and when completely unfolded, four florescent grids appear. they return on the interior to provide a framework for the editorial content by organizing it into 'information zones'. Every grid or combination of grids is composed of four quadrants, each with their own point of the typeface. The publication was the derivation point for the institute's new identity system, with both providing relevant information on the college to current and prospective students.

Client: IIT Architecture Chicago, Editorial Committee: Wiel Arets, Sean Keller, Vedran Mimica, Photography: Bas Princen, Michael Wolff, Year: 2013, Format: 215 × 280 mm, Pages: 124, Printer: robstolk