Mono.Kultur James Nachtwey

The English language German publication Mono.Kultur, whose quarterly issues each highlight one artist, include a terse selection from their many works, alongside one interview. Issue number 37 featured James Nachtwey, an American photographer. His imagery is mostly gruesome in nature, as it is centered on tragedy, war, and inhumane, catastrophic events. Affiliated with Time magazine, Nachtwey’s work has taken him around the world, and back to the USA, where he captured the 11 September 2011 attack on New York City’s World Trade Center–imagery from that series wraps the cover of this issue of Mono.Kultur. All photography–with 11 internal–is boxed by black, and printed on matte paper. The extended interview is printed on translucent matte white paper; its first spread is one columned and all others are set in two. Text and imagery are printed in individual booklets, to separate the heaviness of the former from the latter; together they compose this intimate issue within the series of this magazine.

Client: Mono.Kultur, Photography: James Nachtwey, Format: 150 × 210mm, Year: 2014