Imagine Nature

A lookbook for the tapestry and textile artisan Rosmarijn Pallandt; this publication was inspired by nature. Full bleed imagery of earthly elements: vast landscapes, the horizon, and, for instance, an aerial view of a forest–captured by photographer Gerco de Ruijter. His photography appears as textiles. Pallandt’s textiles are crafted by local artisans, with the design of piece deriving influences from the country wherein its artisan lives. Glossy paper is used for De Ruijter’s photography; products make use of bulky paper; which blurs boundaries between man-made objects, and those not. The two components–research photography and actual textiles–are folded into one another with a custom binding technique. The lookbook’s textiles can thus be isolated from the photography to immerse its readers, while also reminding them that its subject, reassuringly swaddles.

Client: Roosmarijn Pallandt, Photography: Gerco de Ruijter and Benjamin van Witsen, Year: 2015, Format: 210 × 280 mm, Pages: 96, Printer: Zwaan Printmedia