Nederlands Dans Theater

This visual identity for the Dutch Dance Theater consists of a logo, street advertising, stationary, business cards, brochures and flyers, newsletters, and a new digital domain. It makes uses of the typeface Founders Grotesk, characterized as daring though serious. Choreography occurs between words and imagery, with the latter selected from prior performances. A color palette of vermillion, black, white, and gray ensures focus remains on the dancers and movements of their bodies. Emulating the movement of the stage, the typeface received a sense of speed through the use of italics in its headings and subtitles, compounded by the underlying 3-D isometric grid, whose triangular shape ‘activates’ the text. Imagery used in its advertising is nearly always full-bleed, to capture the short-attention of passersby. By subordinating text to image, and italicizing major texts, this new identity emphasizes dynamicism in its communication–retaining focus on dance.

Year 2015
Client Nederlands Dans Theater
Location The Hague, NL

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