IIT Architecture Chicago

Since the appointment of Dutch architect Wiel Arets to its helm in autumn 2012, the Illinois Institute of Technology’s College of architecture has introduced a new graphic design identity. It emanated from Nowness, published in 2013, which was translated into the design of the school’s communication tools, as its lecture posters and event invitations. Four varying–‘information zones’–alongside contrasting colors and dots of many sizes, are basic components of its organizational system. Dots are often patterned to create form, by placing them in each zone, in varying sizes and colors. The identity makes use of the typeface Theinhardt, a Grotesque typeface designed by François Rappo, which reflects the rigid system of grids favored by the school’s founder, Mies van der Rohe. Lectures posters are deconstructed into smaller posters, and the school’s digital communications, such as the design of its website. Select posters within the series are designed with two colors to denote special events, some with a white background.

Year 2018
Client IIT Architecture Chicago
Location Chicago, US

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