Amsterdam Art Week

The identity for the 2021 Amsterdam Art–an annual outdoor sculpture exhibition route located in the ‘Old South’ portion of the city–was created as part of an awareness campaign identity that was inspired by the Situationist”s International’s concept of the derivé. The main goal of such ‘drifts’, as the word translates to English, were created as a way to to explore urban psychogeography. Each year, the Amsterdam Art route consists of a week of gallery openings and museum events, with a program, and in this process, various art routes throughout Amsterdam’s southern area are created. The identity of the 2021 edition highlights these routes using text. Animation reinforces a sense of progression through the urbanity of the city, which is one of the missions of the sculpture route. Along the several ‘routes’ that consist of texts; images were placed to intentionally refer to current works that were exhibited. These ‘routes’ are brought to life through animation.

Year 2021
Client Amsterdam Art Week
Location Amsterdam, NL

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