Academy of Architecture

The Academy of Architecture is the city’s premier architecture educational institute, and organizes an annual ‘Graduation Week’. The design for the 2021 edition was based upon the routing of the show, which was zig-zag in nature due to the pandemic policies that were, at that time, in place–which dictated distance between visitors. The exhibition’s routing and visual concept was, therefore, based upon the idea of a labyrinth; once visitors entered the academy, there was only one exit, found by following the arrows throughout the building. Thus, it was a one way route that ensured every portion of the exhibit was viewed, winding throughout the entire building–starting with the emergency exit and ending at the main entrance. The entrance of the show was highlighted with two gigantic outdoor flags and window decals. A poster campaign, and video animation campaign the city, as well as social media graphics were also made. The student names of those who made each project were printed in the identity’s font and placed on the walls and thus in dialogue with the building.

Year 2021
Client Academy of Architecture
Location Amsterdam, NL

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