I Wonder if They’ll Laugh When I’m Dead

This book is the first monograph of artist Tirzo Martha, born 1965 in Willemstad, Curaçao. His work is highly personal and largely relates to Caribbean society and its many cultures; it is critical, political, and socially charged–and takes many mediums. Confronting his work is to embrace chaos, and revel in its unifying beauty. The book presents a sequence of Martha’s artworks, from full, side, and detailed viewpoints–many made in the guise of Robert Rauschenberg–to walk the reader through Martha’s only seemingly chaotic oeuvre. In this way, the three-dimensional artworks are translated two-dimensions, in a sequence that folds in scale, from overwhelming, to fine detail–just like the artworks themselves. The book’s margins connect, as a physical route through the publication, and are used for the captions. Accompanying essays are printed on packaging paper, and are placed at random in between sections of imagery.

Text: o.a. Kitty Zijlmans, Annie Paul, Jennifer Smit, Yacouba Konate, Adi Martis, Rob Perrée, Alex van Stipriaan, Photography: Various, Format: 170 × 240 mm, Pages: 304, Publisher: Jap Sam