Zoe is a magazine created by Zoe Karssen–a fashion designer based in Amsterdam. The brand was established in 2010. In 2015 the brand opened its first brick-and-mortar boutique, in Amsterdam’s ‘Nine Streets’ district. And in 2016, the brand launched its first-ever printed magazine, aptly named ZOE. The name of the magazine is also its design-concept, in the sense that it is organized around the principal of ‘three’, literally, as the magazine’s name is composed of three letters. The magazine cover the visual and text world’s behind Zoe’s personal vision. It includes contirbutions by writers as Alison Mosshart, Marc de Groot, Philippe Vogelenzang, Yaniv Edry, and Brian de Graft. A rather bold mixture of non-seriffed fonts on the main spread and chapter divisions compliments the, slightly oversized serried fonts each contributors texts are set in, giving the magazine a quick, playful rhythm when being leafed through.

Year 2017
Client Zoe Karssen
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Self published
Printer Tuijtel

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