Where the River Runs

Where the River Runs is the first monograph on the work of Remy Jungerman, consisting of reflective essays and the work itself. The work is clustered in different typologies (panels, horizontals, grids, prints, and collages) which together form a ‘score’. Just as in musical score, where a tone is never played twice; the images never overlap each other on the front and back of the printed pages. This creates special white spaces and focus’ the readers’ attention on individual artworks. The book’s red pages were printed in four layers of white ink; the text has been cut out to emphasize the materiality of the book, with the ink becoming the ‘paper’–the same technique Remy uses in his work, by making a layer of kaolin clay over a pattern, and carving a grid out of it.

Year 2019
Client Remy Jungerman
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Printer robstolk

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