It has to feel like a reader that you take with you on a travel. A very lightweight paper with a low opacity so it’s shine through, which emphasise the dreamlike condition of Tokyo. That city is a blueprint for the future according the architect. The page numbers are replaced by time. Every chapter consists out of 72 minutes. These 72 minutes are based upon the maximum travel distance within each continent in the future. These 72 minutes oscillates within very chapter. The element of time and frozen images, that are printed on the inside of the Japanese bound pages gives you the feeling between sleeping and being awake, snooze. When the content is finished from a chapter the time is ticking and you only see white pages. The last photo of the visual essays in between the chapters is printed on the inside as well. To play with the opacity of the paper. You think it’s the next photo shining through but in fact it’s a photo mirrored on the inside to mislead you as a reader. The inside cover is printed with a burned wood texture printed in two tones of black. This is a direct link to old japanese houses that have a burned facade to protect the wood for the weather conditions. This cover protects the book.

Year 2019
Client Wiel Arets Architects
Location Tokyo, JP
Publisher Actar
Printer Lenoirschuring

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