This publication was initiated by the BNA; the Association of Dutch Architects. It complies a large bank of intense research projects concerning the borders of the city of Amsterdam, and it is particularly focused on where nature and the urban situations meet one another within this contextual framework. Hence the name, ‘urban edge’. For this publication, it was chosen to make use of, and create, custom maps and infographics. Parts of the yellow borders of the different area’s of Amsterdam are shown at each chapter’s opening. When connecting these different parts, the reader will immediately understand the orientation of the borders of the city, which are represented on the book’s cover. The publication is intended for a broad reading audience–from urban designers to tourists; therefore this central aim dictated the decision to produce the publication in a format similar to that of a magazine. Densely packed with info; it offers readers a wealth of information. 

Year 2021
Client BNA
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher BNA
Printer robstolk

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