Share Moments Share Life

The project consisted of three separate books, entitled: Contemporary Art, Share Moments Share Life, and In Retrospect. All images in the books were photographed on a lightbox, emphasizing the look and feel of that transparency, and opaque paper was used, to highlight that phenomena. The front and the back of the book’s pages thus become visible because of light shining through the paper. In these images; periods, materials, styles and, worlds morph together by chance. Each publication has its own layout, by giving identity to each topic that they cover. A series of analogue photographs taken from the pages of fine art auction house catalogues, Life and American photo magazines, as well as art fair catalogues all inhabit the books’ interiors. Because the images in Share Moments Share Life are also original Kodak advertisements–the cover of the publications were created using the same colors of Kodak’s iconic orange-yellow-red hues.

Year 2020
Client Danielle van Ark
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Dark Editions
Printer robstolk

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