Raabjerg takes outset in the changing landscape of northern Jutland (DK). The landscape changed due to climatological changes and human resource extraction, and the following attempts at ‘restoring’ and ‘reestablishing’ a ‘natural’ landscape. The narrative pivot point is the violent sand drift in the 16th-19th centuries; how it manifested itself and completely transformed the once fertile landscape into a barren wasteland. 

The book is an atlas of the work; a book format that complies and organizes geographical and astronomical knowledge. The design structure has an image-historical approach: archaeology images, cartography images, images from memory and photographic images. The material is categorized per cluster of imagery and shown each in a specific way. Together this is creating a cinematographic experience by using a Japanese binding for the book because the images are bleeding from one to the other page.

Year 2022
Client Rune Peitersen
Location Denmark
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Printer Zwaan Lenoir