MCHAP: The Americas

Published to immortalize the inaugural cycle of the award of the same name; MCHAP: The Americas, collects the world’s leading architects and academics in a dialogue on the Americas. The book is bound in printed cloth, imprinted with a circle, responding to the visual identity of the award’s initiator. The book is a capsule of American architecture from 2000-2013; a time of momentous change in the field, due to the use of the computer. Seven themes divide the book; the full-bleed series of images for its ‘introduction’ and ‘exit’ are printed in five color, with metallic inks. The typeface Practice, by Optimo, was used throughout. Together with grid harmony, and varying font size, an expanding-decompressing series of texts alternate with further visual anthologies by artists. All imagery is printed on coated paper; all text is printed on novel paper. 460-pages thick, and durable yet portable; the book’s structure and freedom of font size, reflects unbridled American landscapes. English and Spanish versions were published.

Year 2016
Client MCHAP
Location Chicago, US
Publisher Actar
Printer Unicum

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