MCHAP Territory & Expeditions

“MCHAP The Americas 2, Territory & Expeditions,” is inspired on the discussions held during the second cycle of the MCHAP prize, which took place in 2016. The jury conversations and “discoveries” were very much conditioned by the ideas of nature and its intimate relation to architecture and landscape.

This book is part a reader, part a catalogue and part a visual essay/research on these matters. The texts and projects are in themselves contributions to the field as they show new understandings about the relationship between architecture and its environment as well as singularities and genealogies of the most prominent architectures of the Americas.

The structure of the book consists out of multiple table of contents, so the reader has the choice to dive deeper into the content when interested.

Year 2022
Client MCHAP
Location Chicago, US
Publisher Actar
Printer robstolk

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