Kill the Pig

This book covering the work of photographer Masahisa Fukase is about ‘love and death’. The editorial framework is simple: it begins with the slaughter of a pig and ends with the birth of a newborn. In the middle of the book is a red section, which emphasizes the relationship between love and death. Images are placed in the top left corner in the book’s first section, while in the second part, images are bottom right aligned. The two sections complement one another – like the front and back cover, which are black and white. Crafted by hand, the book’s binding allows the spine to be separated by the front and back cover. Halfway through the journey of life and death, in the middle of the book, is a red stripe of paper, which contains the book’s essay. The red paper is very tactile, reminding readers of the rough texture of pig’s skin.

Year 2021
Client Ibasho
Location Antwerp, BE
Publisher Ibasho, The (M) éditions
Printer robstolk

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