I Wonder if They’ll Laugh When I’m Dead

This is the first monograph on visual artist Tirzo Martha (Willemstad, Curaçao 1965). This extensive publication includes an intriguing compilation of his artworks, performances and installations. Martha is driven by a deep engagement with the world around him, in particular with Curaçao and the Caribbean. His work is versatile, critical, politically and socially charged. For this publication we found out that you can view his work from different sides. And that as you get closer, you automatically focus on details. The concept of the book was to experience walking through the work world of Tirzo Martha. By using sequences of his work form an overall shot to a side view and details of the work. Like experiencing a building. The margins of the book are connected as a physical route through the publication. This margin is used for the photo captions. Essays are printed on packaging paper and are placed random in between the image sections.

Year 2017
Client Tirzo Martha
Location Willemstad, CW
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Printer Unicum