Lex Pott is a Dutch artist whose project ‘Diptych’ is composed of the year rings of Douglas Fir wood, which were sandblasted. The publication focuses on a short period in time and details the design process of the project’s products, made in collaboration with New Window–a platform that disseminates processes of designers and artists. Its title refers to the juxtapositions within each of its objects, between their geometric and organic shapes. Research for the project, from a blog, was translated to paper to recall that collected atmosphere; texts bleed off pages and are interrupted by imagery; movies were translated into sequences of images. Matte paper in two tones echoes Douglas Fir grain; the division of the texts into two columns recalls the project’s name. The cover shows the technical drawing of all products that were produced from one tree, while the back cover shows the tree as an object. Back and front cover, together, are a diptych.

Year 2014
Client New Window
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Frame publishers

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