Diversity is Power

Diversity is Power is the first monograph dedicated to René Tosari, a Dutch artist born in Suriname in 1948. He is regarded as one of Suriname’s most important graphic artists, and produced a large quantity of politically engaged work through the 1970s and 1980s. Often inspired by social realism, Tosari’s engagement with social issues and artistic contributions to the revolution in Suriname are reflected in his work. He has also produced more symbolic works, in which his painting style becomes increasingly complex; free. As his artistic path has oscillated between the Netherlands and Suriname, this in-depth book examines his life and history between two worlds. A timeline divides the book in two, and his art is clustered by working method, encapsulated by four essays. The bilingual mirrored layout is executed vertically in essays and horizontally in the timeline–all set in typeface Lausanne, with its strong cut. The open spine binding ensures the book opens very well. The red colored cover and title reflects his political voice, in Suriname and the Netherlands.

Year 2018
Client René Tosari
Location Paramaribo, SR
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Printer Graphius

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