Dismantled Language

This book presents the work of Mexico-based artist Jorge Méndez Blake, who is known for his interplay between art, literature, and architecture. It shows the artworks of his series ‘Dismantled Language’, in a one-to-one scale, in a way that’s as surprising as it is unexpected. In total there are 1.084 pages, and five different paintings are presented, which are referenced in the edges of the book, resulting in five coloured strips of paper. The book is meant to be a journey, using scale as an investigative lens through which to view the artist’s work; pages present details of paintings in most instances. Text in the book is handled so as to reflect on the reproduced painting details, highlighting the negative space with a black border–extending to the cover. 

Year 2021
Client Jorge Mendez Blake
Location Guadalajara, CDMX
Publisher Inacabadas
Printer robstolk

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