Culture of Creation

 ‘Culture of Creation’ refers to the ancient and impulse behind making, and the name of a book about Satyendra Pakhalé. Its content engages with the ideas of humans’ need to create, to design, and to make. It is not a traditional monograph but rather brings new facts and facets of design history to attention for the first time. In doing so, the book sheds a new light on ‘sensorial design’, which is deeply rooted in contemporary living experience, as well as ancient cultures. The book is built up in three layers; projects, studio documentary, reflective/essays. Each layer has its own content page, layout and paper type. These layers intertwine and tells the narrative of the studio, while the book’s documentary layer begins on the spine, with a visual narrative.

Year 2019
Client Satyendra Pakhalé
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher nai010
Printer Unicum

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