Behind the Forest

This publication was initiated by the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It is about the work of the artist Remy Jungerman, who previously had a solo show in the Stedelijk Museum near the end of 2019. The book is divided into six ‘chapters’, all encased by colored pages. The color codes of these dividers refer to the ‘Winti colors’; and related to an Afro-Surinamese spirituality and belief system. In the last room of his solo show in the Stedelijk Museum for the exhibition that this book accompanies; a film reel of old Suriname footage was shown with a music sculpture from a New York City based Jazz composer, Jason Moran. These film stills were printed on the colored dividers, to have a dialogue with the Winti color code’s deeper meaning. This thus created a dynamic narrative in the book. Within these colored ‘chapters’ the works are shown. Every chapter emphasizes on a specific series of works; panels, cubes, horizontals, etc. To highlight how many details there are in Jungerman’s work, close-up stills of panels and other works were made by zooming in. The book’s format, binding, and cover materials are closely related to the catalogue his his 2019 exhibition.

Year 2021
Client Stedelijk Museum
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Jap Sam Books
Printer robstolk

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