B’ Tower

This book contains a collection of stories taking place in B’ Tower in Rotterdam from Wiel Arets Architects. Ellen Kooi staged situations and stories within the building. The different widths of the images are structured by the strict grid of the whitespace inbetween. Some images are exceeding the pages format and continued on the next page. The stories are aranged like a movie strip, capturing moments within time, while browsing through the book. In addition Katrien Van den Brande wrote a collection of texts giving a fictitious insight of the inhabitaters life of B’ Tower. With a system based on the writing form each paragraph is arranged on the grid. The white space between the text fragments becomes important and gives hints to the grid behind. This is also a mimicry of the buildings facade. The text part of the book is printed reversed with silver on black paper to emphasize the fictional aspect of the stories.

Year 2017
Client Wiel Arets Architects
Location Rotterdam, NL
Publisher Actar
Printer Unicum

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