Archetypes and Residues

Exploring the ideals behind mass production, the societies of spectacle, and the apexes of European history when once obscure household products, become ubiquitous; Archetypes and Residues is a catalogue to an exhibition of the same name. It takes the format the catalogues issued by department stores during the middle of the twentieth century. Imagery highlights artworks that were in the exhibition, alongside pages with small series, which give the dimensions, materials, etc., of each. The works in the catalogue consist of sculptures made of former table frames, mounted on marble, residential front doors whose components have been reorganized to reference geometrical paintings, and a series of chairs stripped of all signs of their former selves, reassembled and resurfaced. By deconstructing each object in the exhibition, and reassembling it in the catalogue, Raat’s original series of objects finds new two-dimensional form, which again questions his explorations with product repetition, mass production, and reassemblage.

Year 2015
Client Thomas Raat
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Onomatopee
Printer Lecturis

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