This publication is centered on the city of Amsterdam and its new temporary inhabitants–its infinite tourists. It also takes a stance toward them by posing the question: is their influx, alongside the city’s new capital, welcomed? Using an HKS tri-toned color palette of red, black and white, resembling an activist’s publication, it ignites the city’s inhabitants to join the dialogue occurring in their city around the subject. It’s brimming with full-page commentary on the city’s future, with facts, figures, photos, and maps that mark changes by tourists. Full-color photography captures the atmosphere of the city’s street life, and is complimented by oversized and condensed bold typography. Personal experiences in Amsterdam are relayed in essays, in English and Dutch; the publication defines Amsterdam as it was, is, and will soon be. It calls its citizens to rally.

Year 2016
Client Stephen Hodes
Location Amsterdam, NL
Publisher Stephen Hodes
Printer Lecturis

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