A Pool in the Sea

A Pool in the Sea, focuses on Siza’s famed Piscinas de Mares (Pools on the Beach) in Leca de Palmeira, Portugal; a pool situated within and built into the rocks aligning the Atlantic Ocean’s coast that completed in 1966. The book contains an interview with the author, by famed historian Kenneth Frampton. The book also documents a journey of his architectural biography. The images hang on the top of the page, to recall the motion of bobbing up and down like the water in the sea. The book has a documentary feel and presence, expanded upon by the photography of Vincent Mentzel. In between the pages there are also bronze pages that insert questions related to subjects Siza deals with. The book’s linen cover has been printed with a rasterized image of the sea, and because of the raster, it at first appears to be embroidered.

Year 2018
Client Álvaro Siza
Location Chicago, US
Publisher Actar
Printer robstolk

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