A Japanese Constellation

Taking the same name of an exhibition held at the MoMA in Manhattan, this book highlights the work of seven architects from Japan. Its title refers to the notion that most can trace their history back to the group’s most famed member–Toyo Ito. Concerned with notions of transparency and lightness; the book utilizes a color palette of gray and white. Referencing this ‘constellation’, its cover is wrapped in translucent matte white paper, with project images printed in color on its glossy reverse. When closed, the book’s cover immediately makes its exploratory intentions clear. Translucent glossy paper separates each chapter, divided by architect; included essays are printed on gray paper; texts are inversely set in white. Again referencing the title, interior imagery ranges from ‘constellations’ around an anchoring image, while others are filled with immense imagery. Sturdy yet subtle, endearing while momentary; the book’s structure reflects the innovations of the architecture it examines and represents: delicate, exacting, yet rigorously experimental.

Year 2015
Client MoMA NYC
Location New York, US
Publisher MoMA

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