Diversity is Power

This is the first monograph dedicated to René Tosari, a Dutch artist born in Suriname in 1948. He is regarded as one of that county's most esteemed graphic artists, and produced a body of politically engaged work in the 1970s and 1980s. Often inspired by social realism; the book examines Tosari’s life and history spent in the two disparate yet historically intertwined countries. A timeline divides the book in two parts, reflecting that dual-background. In the book, artworks are clustered by method, and are encapsulated by four essays. The bilingual layout is executed vertically for essays, and horizontal in the timeline, for its artworks. All font is set in the typeface Lausanne, which lends a strong-cut-feel to the dense essays. Lausanne is a sans-serif font that, upon release, sought to update Helvetica for the digital era. The font is thus highly legible, even in small sizes, and welcomes with its refined details, such as in sizes for the headers and titles. An open-spine binding ensures that this book, falls flat when opened.

Editor: Rob Perrée, Photography: Various, Year: 2018, Format: 222 × 285 mm, Pages: 276, Publisher: Jap Sam