Wiel Arets Architects

This website is the digital domain of a globally active architecture and design studio, whose work extends to publishing and education. The site features a dynamic grid, similar to a magazine, encouraging intuitive user interaction. Navigation occurs through a series of words that form the main and sub-menus, and each of these words, when clicked, reveals an individual sub-page within the site, each with its own unique layout. This graphic system and its varying structures highlight the restraint complexity of the studio’s work, which is further expressed by the site’s somber color palette of grey, black, and white. A dynamic interactive relationship occurs between this site’s content and its hierarchy, with the latter frequently changing its structure due to each click, touch, or swipe of user interaction, as it has been formatted for all browsers and mobile devices.

Year 2014
Client Wiel Arets Architects
Location Amsterdam, NL
Developer Systemantics
Link wielaretsarchitects.com

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