Strange Sounds From Beyond

Strange Sounds From Beyond, is an Amsterdam-based music festival and event platform for cross-spectrum euphonic experiments; with a focus on avant-garde acts, emerging artists, and locally sourced talents. The digital domain of the brand, exists in the form of a translation of its core identity, which itself is based on the shapes of Kazimir Severinovich Malevich’s artworks; form meets informal. The sites typeface ‘dialogues’ with such shapes, connected via the angular lines that greet users on the site’s main landing page, which creates a gradient-movement. Under that gradient of lines are a series of rotating images–themselves consisting of photographs from each year’s past events. The site’s main task is to wrap the events into a digital magazine, highlighting different performances, occurrences, and people; along with its general information about the venue, in Amsterdam North, and the purchasing of tickets.

Year 2019
Client Strange Sounds From Beyond
Location Amsterdam, NL
Developer Studio RGB

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