HOH Architects

HOH is an architecture and design firm based in Amsterdam, whose work spans buildings, textiles, and urban in-between spaces. The firm’s website is based on an encyclopedic structure that reflects the diverse backgrounds of its three founders. It is organized around the idea of ‘clouds’, in that there is no ‘traditional’ landing page, and instead, users are invited to explore the firm’s work at leisure. Clusters of images and texts are arranged in the ‘cloud’ formations, and when clicked, users are taken to each project’s individual page within the website. Two main components comprise the website’s content, projects and research, with the latter offering insight into the firm’s working philosophy. All images on the landing page and research pages are black and white, and when hovered over, fade-in to full color; oppositely, imagery of the individual project pages is presented in full color. A firm profile and contact page complete the website.

Year 2018
Client HOH Architects
Location Amsterdam, NL
Developer Systemantics
Link hoh-architecten.com

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