De Electriciteitsfabriek

‘Electriciteitsfabriek’ is a new cultural center in The Hague, in a former office and factory built in the early 1900s. The daring digital domain reflects this ‘cube’-like space via its user navigation system: contrasting bars of black and white align the domain’s perimeter, and when clicked trigger a seamless ‘rotation’ of the background photo of the actual factory space. Users are literally shown the interior cube’s facets as they explore; information, for instance, is overlaid atop these ‘photos’ of the former factory. This concept of organizing information, against a ‘cube’ seen in numerous ways (2D, 3D…), extends to all aspects of this ’strong’ identity.

Year 2017
Client De Electriciteitsfabriek
Location The Hague, NL
Developer Gui Machiavelli

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