Bolles+Wilson Architects

This website for the German architecture firm Bolles+Wilson is the most recent version of their digital domain; its structure is derived from the plus sign in their logo. Near full-screen imagery welcomes visitors upon arrival. Projects can be immediately accessed, or continue through to the main menu with the categories: contact, news, profile, studies, and projects. When navigating the main menu, the site’s duotone back and white color scheme inverts to alert users they’re within its subdivisions. That color scheme again inverts when individual studies or projects are clicked upon–each organized in a grid of black and white photos, which become full color when hovered over or clicked. Each study or project is then scrolled through horizontally, contrasting to the horizontal navigation that defines the site’s landing page, along with its abundant color imagery.

Year 2016
Client Bolles+Wilson Architects
Location Münster, DE
Developer Systemantics

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