Anne de Grijff

Anne de Grijff is a Dutch fashion designer whose digital presence has expanded since the launch of her brand, in 2008. The website consists of a grid system directing users to the different ways her clothes can be acquired: made to order, made to measure, and design to measure; alongside information about the brand’s history and social presence. The site’s landing page extends vertically in Roman numerals to structure its user navigation. A main asset of the brand, is that it often photographs its customers wearing their purchases, in clean, carefully lit studios, with such renowned photographers as Koos Breukel, Sabrina Bongiovanni, and Pieter Boskma capturing De Grijff’s ‘characters’. This is the core of the label’s digital communication. Photography is always horizontal. Within the made to measure section of the website, there is an archive of the brand’s salon events, during which De Grijff intimately presents her collections to a limited number of guests; her own version of a fashion show. 

Year 2020
Client Anne de Grijff
Location Amsterdam, NL
Developer André Pahl

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