De Electriciteitsfabriek

‘Electriciteitsfabriek’ is a new cultural center in The Hague, in a former office and factory built in the early 1900s. The center’s new visual identity consists of street advertising, stationary, business cards, brochures and flyers, newsletters–and new digital domain. The last component makes use of the typeface GZA; it is heavy in serifs, and is bold and daring, though serious. The center’s space is huge–nearly a cube at 60x60x50 m., with exposed concrete and many structural I-beams. The daring digital domain reflects this ‘cube’-like space via its user navigation system: contrasting bars of black and white align the domain’s perimeter, and when clicked trigger a seamless ‘rotation’ of the background photo of the actual factory space. Users are literally shown the interior cube’s facets as they explore; information, for instance, is overlaid atop these ‘photos’ of the former factory. This concept of organizing information, against a ‘cube’ seen in numerous ways (2D, 3D…), extends to all aspects of this ’strong’ identity.

Client: Electriciteitsfabriek, Year: 2016, Format: website and various items, Website De Electriciteitsfabriek