Anne De Grijff

Anne de Grijff is a Dutch fashion designer; this identity system was incorporated into her newest collection. She creates capsules for each of what she has termed, ‘characters’. The brand’s identity is centered upon the concept of ‘made-to measure’, using ‘leather and jerseys, pure wool, luxurious synthetics, and fine silks.’ Reflecting that material palette is a flexible grid incorporating the shapes: a square, circle, cross, and plus sign. The framing bold lines of the identity’s graphics can be deconstructed and reconfigured into countless compositions to create an infinite number of such shapes. The identity has functioned as a template for the brand’s other designed items, such as hangtags, bags, and stationary. The site’s landing page extends vertically in Roman numerals to structure its navigation: characters, wardrobe, salon, curriculum, and contact; while Dutch photographer Koos Breukel captures De Grijff’s characters; the core of the brand’s digital communication.

Client: Anne de Grijff, Design: In collaboration with Adriaan Mellegers, Project manager: Aynouk Tan, Printer: Arps Foilprint, Programming: André Pahl, Website Anne de Grijff