Mainstudio is a design practice based in Amsterdam founded by Edwin van Gelder. Within a strong dialogue with commissioners, the studio creates projects deriving from the intersection of art and architecture–as visual identities, publications, and digital media. Each project is characterized by a content driven editorial approach, leading with typography to create a synthesis of form and content. The studio often embeds inventive printing techniques within traditional media and explores innovative interaction design within its digital media output. The work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, publications and has won countless awards including: Best Dutch Book Design, AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers, BRNO Biennial, Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, and Art Directors Club New York.


At the moment we are working on a book for MoMA NY about Ecology and Architecture, an identity for a creative studio who works in the field of fashion, a monograph for Wiel Arets Architects, a magazine for TU Delft and artist books for Arja Hop & Peter Svenson, Diana Scherer and Theis Wendt.


Accepting internship applications for Autumn 2023 please send a PDF of your work to


Frans de Wollantstraat 24
1018SC Amsterdam the Netherlands
+31 641 28 1996


Ammodo Foundation
Amsterdam Museum
Wiel Arets Architects
Paul Bellaart
Francisco van Benthum
Tatiana Bilbao Estudio
Maurice Bogaert
Bolles + Wilson
C3 Publishers
Canaux de la Mode
Daniëlle van Ark
Dark Editions
David E Peterson
Distanz Verlag
De Electriciteitsfabriek
Frame Publishers
Fontaine Publishers
Olaf Gipser Architects
Anne de Grijff
HOH Architects
Höweler + Yoon Architecture
IIT Architecture Chicago
Institute of Advanced Studies
Jap Sam Books
Remy Jungerman
Lena Wimmer Architects
Lotte Geeven
Mark Magazine
Tirzo Martha
Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize
Mokumono Cycles
Mondriaan Fund
Museum Perron Oost
Museum het Schip
Nai/010 Publisers
NDSM Foundation
Nederlands Dans Theater
Niggli Verlag
Wouter Osterholt
Roosmarijn Pallandt
Paritzki Liani Architects
Posterboy Magazine
Thomas Raat
De School
Serie Architects
Strange Sounds From Beyond


Excellent work Tokyo TDC
Best Dutch Book designs 2022
Best Dutch Book designs 2022
AIGA, 50 Books / 50 Covers Award
Best Dutch Book designs 2021
Best Dutch Book designs 2021

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2021
AIGA, 50 Books / 50 Covers Award
Best Dutch Book designs 2020

AIGA, 50 Books / 50 Covers Award
Best Dutch Book designs 2019
Best Dutch Book designs 2019
DAM Architectural Book Award
Type Directors Club NY
Best Book Design from All over the World (shortlist)

AIGA, 50 Books / 50 Covers Award
Best Dutch Book designs 2018
German Design Award 2019

Best Dutch Book designs 2017

Art Directors Club NL
Art Directors Club NL
Best Dutch Book designs 2016

Type Directors Club Tokyo, Japan

D&AD Book Design Award

Die Schönsten Bücher Aus Aller Welt 2012
Best Dutch Book Designs 2012
Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports of 2012

Communication Arts &Typography
I.D. Annual design NY book design

Best Dutch Book designs 2010
Art Directors Club NY
Best Dutch Annual Report design 2010

Art Directors Club New York, Gold Cube


Edwin van Gelder
Moritz Eggmann
Christian Knöpfel
Florian Schimanski

former collaborators
Emily Anderson
Gabriela Baka
Nuno Beijinho
Beau Bertens
Patricia Diemunsch
Suzanne Dreu
Daniel Flodin
Gianluca Flütsch
Florent Gomez
Doğa Gönüllü
Vivianne Jöller
Dominiek Kampman
Markus Lange
Roberto Lenza
Jakob Lienhard
Kai-Ting Lin
Philipp Möckli
Fabienne Müller
Michael Müller
Rebecca Metzger
Carlijn Moerenhout
Luca Pellegrini
Patrick Sanders
Daniel Schenk
Immo Schneider
Daniel Seemayer
Sinja Steinhauser
Mayke Vandenweyer
Suze Wempe