Mondriaan Foundation

The Mondriaan Foundation encourages the appreciation of visual arts, design, and cultural heritage from and within the Netherlands. The editorial layout of this annual report directly references a newspaper by responding to the core values​​ of the foundation: familiarity, transparency, accessibility, and ease of use. color provides this report with structure; royal blue dominates its cover and contents; white represents funded projects; while pink paper highlights funded projects and their applicants, and this pink paper is a nod to the British Daily, the 'Financial Times'. The annual report places emphasis beyond the foundation's financial figures, as participants are given prominent positioning in the report's pages, via quotes reflecting on the foundational's annual activities. The use of an inexpensive rotation press for this publication's printing method alluded to the recent budget cuts on public funding of the arts and culture in the Netherlands, at the time of its production.

Client: Mondriaan Foundation, Year: 2011, Format: 210 × 275 mm, Pages: 160, Printer: robstolk