Ammodo Foundation

Ammodo is a Dutch foundation that promotes the arts and sciences in an international framework. Its visual identity is based upon the hexagon shape, which organizes the institution's name in its logo. Printed stationary was created using printsheets connected with an organizing iteration of the main logo, from which radiates a lazercut dotted line. That cohesive element nods to the central position of this foundation, in the network of organizations and individuals that it connects. Annual report covers utilize the logo on half of the available paper space; the other half is used for the content of the reports. In the reports, information about awarded projects is interspersed by photography of them; the foundation’s financial information is set in the identity’s typeface, Maax, and printed on a different paper stock, though also making use of the identity's trademark royal blue.

Client: Ammodo, Photography: Gerco de Ruijter and Benjamin van Witsen, Year: 2013, Format: various sizes, Printer: robstolk